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Server Description
New High Rate server recently released to the public on August 1st, 2017. Our private server is not a pay-to-win server. You can obtain the same stats gear through quest, cash-shops, or donation. The only differences in cash-shops or donation is re-colored items. There are many custom quests, headgears, and wings. Very friendly staff members and players in the community. Refer a friend and guild packages for guild leaders. Very fair server. Fair Environment. MvP room coming soon.

Basic Information
Base Exp:
Job Exp:
Drop Rate:
Quest Exp:
Equip Drop:
Card Drop:
MVP Equip Drop:
MVP Card Drop:
Max Base Lvl:
Max Job Lvl:
Max Stats:
Server Mode:

Main Ethnic or Language:

Server Website:
How to Register?
Languages Supported: English, Spanish, Philippines, Khmer, Vietnamese.

Server Features
Pre-Renewal: Have Rebirth/Trans Classes
Healer Skill Resetter Stat Resetter
Job Changer Platinum Skill NPC Town Warper
Dungeon Warper Field Warper Card Remover
Buff NPC Custom Maps
Player Commands: @go, @warp, @ii, @mi, @whereis, @whodrops, @alootid, @storage, @changegm, @rates, @autoloot, @request and more.

Server Rating Summary
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Date Posted: 2017-08-02   Last Updated: 2017-09-06

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