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Server Description
Server Status: Check
EndlessRO combines low rates with practically no level cap, providing the opportunity for nearly unbounded character progression. As we're a new server, our community is still small - but we'd love to have you.

Party play is encouraged. The experience share range limit has been removed to make it easier than ever to find someone to party with.

Even the sky is no limit. Try us out!

Basic Information
Base Exp:
Job Exp:
Drop Rate:
Quest Exp:
Equip Drop:
Card Drop:
MVP Equip Drop:
MVP Card Drop:
Max Base Lvl:
Max Job Lvl:
Max Stats:
Server Mode:
Main Ethnic or Language:

Server Website:
How to Register?
Control Panel
Languages Supported: English

Server Features
Renewal: Have Third Job or Higher
Skill Resetter Stat Resetter Job Changer
Platinum Skill NPC Town Warper Client Side Security
Other Feature Highlights: No level cap! Gauntlet monster ladder and other events
Player Commands: @autotrade, @ii, @mi, @autoloot, @autoloottype, @alootid, @showexp, @whodrops, @request, @exp

Server Rating Summary
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Date Posted: 2017-09-30   Last Updated: 2017-10-26

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