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Armor - Footgear
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Vidar's Boots [0]   [Footgear]   Item ID# 2418 (Vidar's_Boots)
Type Armor Class Footgear Buy 30000z Sell 15000z Weight 65
Defense 4Required Lvl 65Slot 0
Applicable Jobs
Every Job except Novice
Description A pair of boots that were worn by Vidar, the son of Odin, when he killed the Fenrir Wolf.
These represent the great physical and mental strength Vidar displayed in that epic final battle.
Maximum HP and SP + 9%
[+ Odin's Blessing, Vali's Manteau]
VIT + 5
HP and SP Recovery + 10%

More Information on Combo:
Item Script
{ bonus bMaxHPrate,9; bonus bMaxSPrate,9; },{},{}
Dropped By
Deathword / Death Word

Vital Tree Shoes [0]   [Footgear]   Item ID# 2450 (Vital_Tree_Shoes)
Type Armor Class Footgear Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 50
Defense 4Required Lvl 60Slot 0
Applicable Jobs
Every Rebirth Job except High Novice
Description A woven shoe crafted from the wood of the tree of life.
The shoes are incredibly comfortable and the power of life spreads throughout your whole body.
MaxHP + 10%
Recover 30 HP every 10 seconds.
Increases recovery from the heal skill and recovery items by 5%.
MDEF + 3, VIT + 2
Item Script
{ bonus bMaxHPrate,10; bonus2 bHPRegenRate,30,10000; bonus bHealpower2,5; bonus bAddItemHealRate,5; bonus bMdef,3; bonus bVit,2; },{},{}
Dropped By
Ancient Tree