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Weapon - One-handed Staff
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Eraser [0]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1637 (Eraser)
Type Weapon Class One-handed Staff Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 50
Attack 80Required Lvl 70Weapon Lvl 4Slot 0
Applicable Jobs
High Mage High Acolyte High Priest High Wizard Champion Professor
Description A magical rod that enables you to keep draining the enemies mentality.
MATK + 20%, INT + 3, DEX + 2
Recovery SP + 8%
There is a small chance while magically attacking, on a radius 11 * 11 of your cell and drain every enemies SP by 20%.
If Refine rate is 10, the area becomes 19 * 19 and you drain every enemies SP by 60%.
Item Script
{ bonus bMatkRate,20; bonus bInt,3; bonus bDex,2; bonus bSPrecovRate,8; if( getrefine()>9 ) bonus5 bAutoSpell,"NPC_WIDESOULDRAIN",3,5,BF_MAGIC,0; else bonus5 bAutoSpell,"NPC_WIDESOULDRAIN",1,5,BF_MAGIC,0; },{},{}
Dropped By
Tendrillion / Tendrilion

Evil Bone Wand [0]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1615 (Bone_Wand)
Type Weapon Class One-handed Staff Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 70
Attack 40Required Lvl 24Weapon Lvl 3Slot 0
Property Immortality / Undead
Applicable Jobs
Mage Acolyte Priest Wizard Monk Sage
Soul Linker
Description Since evil spirits possess this wand of human bone, its suffocatingly accursed aura can be sensed by those who wield it.
INT + 4, MATK + 15%

More Information on Combo:
Item Script
{ bonus bInt,4; bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Undead; bonus bMatkRate,15; },{},{}
Dropped By
Dark Lord
Dark Illusion
Wind Ghost
Evil Druid
Obtainable FromOld Blue Box, Old Violet Box