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Weapon - Katar
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Scratcher [0]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 1272 (Scratcher)
Type Weapon Class Katar Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 0
Attack 120Required Lvl NoneWeapon Lvl 1Slot 0
Refineable No
Applicable Jobs
Description The adventurers who are brave the item which is provided from the hazard adventurer guild.
Increases damage by 50%.
Impossible to refine this item.
Item Script
{ bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,50; },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul [0]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 1260 (Ghoul_Leg)
Type Weapon Class Katar Buy 52500z Sell 26250z Weight 170
Attack 150Required Lvl 65Weapon Lvl 3Slot 0
Property Immortality / Undead
Applicable Jobs
Description A katar crafted from a ghoul's femur that still radiates a dark, deathly aura.
Item Script
{ bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Undead; },{},{}
Dropped By
Zombie Master

Specialty Jur [4]   [Two Handed]   Item ID# 1264 (Various_Jur)
Type Weapon Class Katar Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 80
Attack 90Required Lvl NoneWeapon Lvl 1Slot 4
Applicable Jobs
Description Although this katar has an increased number of slots, it is hard to handle and is known to cause injury to those who wield it.
Bleeding yourself when attacking (Success Chance 0.1%).
Item Script
{ bonus2 bAddEff2,Eff_Bleeding,10; },{},{}
Dropped By
Eremes / Eremes Guile
Obtainable FromOld Blue Box, Old Violet Box