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YSF01 Plate [1]   [Body]   Item ID# 15212 (YSF01_Plate)
Type Armor Class Armor Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 210
Defense 78Required Lvl 170Slot 1
Applicable Jobs
Every Job
Description The plate used by Werner Institute's experiment, YSF01. There are powerful magic swirling inside seemed cut off from the world.
If used abusely, its magic power will consume its wearer.

Refine Level +8:
ATK +5%
Refine Level +11:
ATK +2%
Refine Level +13:
ATK +4%

If base STR at least 125:
Every refine level: ATK +1%.

When combined with YSF01 Manteau:
Every refine level of YSF01 Manteau:
Reduces after cast delay by 1%.

When combined with YSF01 Greaves:
Every refine level of YSF01 Greaves:
Reduces after attack delay by 1%.

If combined refine level of YSF01 Plate, YSF01 Manteau and YSF01 Greaves at least +39:
Randomly possesses wearer with YSF01 spirit for 5 seconds wearer when receiving physical attack.
During possession: Ignores physical defense of all races (except Player).
Item Script
{ [email protected] = getrefine(); if ([email protected] >= 13) { [email protected] = 11; } else if ([email protected] >= 11) { [email protected] = 7; } else if ([email protected] >= 8) { [email protected] = 5; } if (readparam(bStr) >= 125) { [email protected] += [email protected]; } if ([email protected]) { bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,[email protected]; } },{},{}
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