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Armor - Garment
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Vali's Manteau [0]   [Garment]   Item ID# 2517 (Vali's_Manteau)
Type Armor Class Garment Buy 30000z Sell 15000z Weight 60
Defense 13Required Lvl 65Slot 0
Applicable Jobs
Every Job except Novice
Description A manteau once owned by Vali, son of Odin.
It represents Vali's fighting spirit which allowed him to defeat Hoedr the warrior despite his blindness.
Increase resistance against Neutral property attack by 15%.
[Odin's Blessing, Vidar's Boots & Vali's Manteau Equip Set]
VIT +5
HP and SP Recovery + 10%

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Item Script
{ bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Neutral,15; },{},{}
Dropped By
Furious Alicel

Valkyrian Manteau [1]   [Garment]   Item ID# 2524 (Valkyrie_Manteau)
Type Armor Class Garment Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 50
Defense 10Required Lvl NoneSlot 1
Applicable Jobs
Every Rebirth Job except High Novice
Description A manteau that is worn by the Valkyries, Odin's battle maidens.
Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).

[Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class]
Perfect Dodge + 5
Increases Perfect Dodge by (upgrade level*2).

[Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class]
Reflect 5% melee damage back to enemies.
Increases percentage reflect damage by (upgrade level*2).

[Valkyrie Helm & Valkyrja's Armor & Valkyrja's Manteau & Valkyrja's Shoes Equip Set]

More Information on Combo:
Item Script
{ bonus bUnbreakableGarment; if(BaseClass==Job_Mage||BaseClass==Job_Archer||BaseClass==Job_Acolyte) bonus bFlee2,5+(getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_GARMENT)*2); else if(BaseClass==Job_Swordman||BaseClass==Job_Merchant||BaseClass==Job_Thief) bonus bShortWeaponDamageReturn,5+(getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_GARMENT)*2); },{},{}
Dropped By
Valkyrie Randgris
Valkyrie Randgris