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Weapon - Mace
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Bloody Cross [0]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 16017 (Bloody_Cross)
Type Weapon Class Mace Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 150
Attack 170Required Lvl 100Weapon Lvl 4Slot 0
Property Darkness / Shadow
Applicable Jobs
Acolyte Priest Monk
Description A mace in the shape of a blood red cross infused with dark power. It's blood red color makes you feel uneasy.
When dealing melee physical damage, has a chance to autocast Hell Inferno Level 1.
Chance of activation increases by weapon's refine level.
Item Script
{ bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Dark; [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus3 bAutoSpell,"WL_HELLINFERNO",1,([email protected][email protected]*20:20); },{},{}
Dropped By
Champion Chen
Obtainable FromBio Laboratory Instance

Blue Mace [1]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 16036 (Ru_Blue_Mace)
Ru Blue Mace
Type Weapon Class Mace Buy 10z Sell 5z Weight 150
Attack 170Required Lvl 100Weapon Lvl 3Slot 1
Applicable Jobs
Description Blue Mace which has destructive power.
VIT +5, INT +5.

When VIP status is active:
ATK+ 20%
Reduce 10% Cast time
Item Script
{ bonus bVit,5; bonus bInt,5; },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Brave Battlefield Morning Star [0]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1543 (BF_Morning_Star2)
Brave Morning Star
Type Weapon Class Mace Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 0
Attack 105Required Lvl 80Weapon Lvl 3Slot 0
Applicable Jobs
Novice (& Supernovice) Swordman Acolyte Merchant Knight Priest
Blacksmith Crusader Monk Alchemist
Description A deadly mace that is usually worn by the best fighter; it seems to be capable of damaging through an enemy's armor.
It is especially designed for battles against Demihuman.
STR +1, DEX +1
Increases physical damage inflicted on Demihuman monsters by 75%.
Randomly inflicts Stun status for 6 seconds when dealing melee physical attacls.
Item Script
{ bonus bStr,1; bonus bDex,1; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_DemiHuman,75; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Player,75; bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; autobonus "{ bonus2 bAddEff,Eff_Stun,5000; }",10,6000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_POTION_BERSERK; }"; },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result
Obtainable FromBattleground