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Basic Skill (Skill ID# 1)
Type Passive Max Lv 9
EffectEnable to apply Basic Interface Skills.
Other Notes
1Enable to initialize Trade.
Allow to Trade items with another Character.
2Enable to express Emotions.
Using Alt+0~9 keys, Allow to express one's emotions. For emotions list push Alt+M.
3Enable to Sit
Allow to regenerate HP/SP two times faster with a sit gesture. To use type /sit or hit Insert.
4Enable to open one's own Chat Room
Allow to open a Chat Room. Push Alt+C to create.
5Enable to join a Party
Allow to join a party.
6Enable to use Kafra Storage
Allow to use an extra inventory that can hold 300 types of items. Talk to a Kafra to access it. All town Kafras offer this service, but some located in the wilderness may not.
7/organize [Party Name]
9Enable to Transform into the 1st profession
Allow to change one's Job into the 1st profession.

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