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Counter Slash (Skill ID# 2029)
Type Active / Buff Max Lv 5Attack Type Use Weapon Property, Weapon
SP Cost2+3*SkillLVTargetSelf
Area3 x 3 cellsKnockback3 cell(s)
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Weapon Blocking Lv 1
Cast Delay2 sec
EffectWhen successfully blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking, you can counter using Counter Slash. Damages all targets in a 3x3 range around the caster. The damage is increased by the user's AGI, Base Level and Job Level.
Other Notes
  • Skill ignores target's defense
1400% ATK
2500% ATK
3600% ATK
4700% ATK
5800% ATK

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