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Water Insignia (Skill ID# 2466)
Type Active / Ground Magic Max Lv 3Attack Type Water Property, Magic
TargetGroundRange9 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Summon Aqua Lv 3
Stay Duration60 sec
Cast Time1 sec
Fixed Cast Time1 sec (Renewal only)
Cool Down60 sec
Item Required1 Indigo Point, 2 Indigo Point, 3 Indigo Point
EffectCreates a 3x3 water crest on the ground, which recovers 1% HP every 5 seconds for water monsters and players with water attribute armor. Targets of the opposite element fire will lose 1% HP every 5 seconds. When in range wind element attacks deal 1.5 times damage. The skill consumes [1/2/3 Indigo Point] depending on the skill level.
Other Notes
  • You cannot cast more than 1 instances of this skill before the first one expires.
  • Only cells with a shootable path will be placed
1Increases the water spirit Aqua's attack power by 20%. HP and SP recovered every 3 seconds is doubled
2Heal recovery + 10%. Weapon attribute becomes water property. Physical attack power + 10%
3When casting water attribute magic, variable cast time -30%. When using water attribute magic, damage + 25%

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