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Meikyo Shisui (Skill ID# 3011, iRO Name: Pure Soul)
Type Supportive Max Lv 5
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Ninpou Training Lv 10
Stay Duration10 sec
Cast Time3 sec
Cool Down10 sec
EffectCause the spirit of the caster to focus for 10 seconds. Restores HP and SP at a rapid rate. The caster is unable to move while focusing. When attacked in this state, there is a chance that the damage will be nullified.
Other Notes
1Recovers HP by 2% / SP by 1% per second
2Recovers HP by 4% / SP by 2% per second
3Recovers HP by 6% / SP by 3% per second
4Recovers HP by 8% / SP by 4% per second
5Recovers HP by 10% / SP by 5% per second

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