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Fighting Chant (Skill ID# 424, iRO Name: Kihop)
Type Passive Max Lv 5
Required ForWarm Wind (Lv 5, Taekwon), TaeKwon Mission (Lv 5, Taekwon)
EffectIt increases your ATK (2*SkillLV)% per party member on the same map.
For example, if there are 10 party members, and you have LV 5 in this skill, your ATK is increased by 100%.
The increase is applied to the BASE ATK rate, not counting in any other buffs that may have increased your ATK, and for skills that increase ATK above 500%, the calculation is fixed to (100 * Bonus%) + 500%.
Other Notes
12% per person in party
24% per person in party
36% per person in party
48% per person in party
510% per person in party

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