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Longing for Freedom (Skill ID# 487)
Type Active Max Lv 5
SP Cost15 TargetSelf
SP Upkeep Cost3 SP every 3 sec (instead of 1 SP every 3 second normally taken when using a duet skill)
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
[Pre-Renewal: Musical Lesson Lv 10, Marionette Control Lv 1]

[Renewal: Musical Lesson Lv 10, Marionette Control Lv 1, Dissonance Lv 3]
Stay Duration180 sec
EffectAllows the user to move within the ensemble area during the use of an ensemble skill. This skill only affects the caster, so the partner must cast this skill on his or her own in order to move.
The ensemble skill will be fixed to the area which it was casted, but if either partner moves out of the ensemble area, cancels the ensemble, or dies, the ensemble skill as well as Longing for Freedom will be canceled.
The caster is allowed to move, attack, and use skills, but you cannot use other singing or ensemble skills. Longing for Freedom will not work within a Moonlit Water Mill.
Can not be canceled by Dispell.
Other Notes
  • Skill can be use while in dancing state
160% original Movement/ASPD
270% original Movement/ASPD
380% original Movement/ASPD
490% original Movement/ASPD
5100% original Movement/ASPD

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