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Steal (Skill ID# 50)
Type Active Max Lv 10Attack Type Weapon
SP Cost10 TargetEnemyRange1 cells
Required ForHiding (Lv 5, Thief), Snatcher (Lv 1, Rogue), Hiding (Lv 5, Super Novice)
EffectAttempts to "steal" an item from the targeted monster. Only items dropped by the monster can be stolen. A successful Steal attempt will not affect what is dropped when the monster dies.
After success, it is not possible to Steal again from the same monster. Boss, Frozen and Stone Cursed monsters cannot be robed.
The formula for stealing is: DropRatio*(DEX - MonsterDEX + 10 + 3*SkillLV + )/100 where DropRatio is the percent chance of a particular item being dropped.
If the result of the steal check is lower than the AdjustedDropRatio for an item, then it is possible that item will be stolen.
Other Notes
1Success Chance 10%
2Success Chance 16%
3Success Chance 22%
4Success Chance 28%
5Success Chance 34%
6Success Chance 40%
7Success Chance 46%
8Success Chance 52%
9Success Chance 58%
10Success Chance 64%

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