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Turn Undead (Skill ID# 77)
Type Offensive Max Lv 10Attack Type Holy Property, Magic
SP Cost20 TargetEnemyRange5 cells
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Resurrection Lv 1, Lex Divina Lv 3
Required ForMagnus Exorcismus (Lv 3, Priest), Judex (Lv 1, Arch Bishop)
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 1 sec]
[Renewal: 0.8 sec]
Fixed Cast Time0.2 sec (Renewal only)
Cast Delay3 sec
EffectThis skill only works on Undead property monsters, although it will cast on other types of monsters. Has a [(20*SkillLV) + LUK + INT + BaseLV + (1 - TargetHP/TargetMaxHP)*200]/1000 % (with a max 70%) chance to do holy damage equal to current HP on an Undead property monster.
On failure, an Undead property monster will take Holy property damage equal to [BaseLV + INT + 10*SkillLV]. Does not work against Boss monsters.
Other Notes
  • Skill ignores caster's % damage cards
  • Skill ignores target's defense

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