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Server Name Server Information Page Server Statistics and Player Reviews
heRO heRO Server InfoheRO Player Reviews [756]
Heavenly Maiden RO Heavenly Maiden RO Server InfoHeavenly Maiden RO Player Reviews [69]
Harmony RO Harmony RO Server InfoHarmony RO Player Reviews [7]
Hyperion Ragnarok Hyperion Ragnarok Server InfoHyperion Ragnarok Player Reviews [8]
Hellenic Ragnarok Online Hellenic Ragnarok Online Server InfoHellenic Ragnarok Online Player Reviews [12]
Harmony RO - Deva Harmony RO - Deva Server InfoHarmony RO - Deva Player Reviews [2]
HoneyRO HoneyRO Server InfoHoneyRO Player Reviews [1]
Havoc Gaming Server PH Havoc Gaming Server PH Server InfoHavoc Gaming Server PH Player Reviews [3]

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