Free Private RO Server Index: i

Server Name Server Information Page Server Statistics and Player Reviews
Insomniac RO Insomniac RO Server InfoInsomniac RO Player Reviews [198]
Immortal Ragnarok Online Immortal Ragnarok Online Server InfoImmortal Ragnarok Online Player Reviews [13]
Immortals-RO Immortals-RO Server InfoImmortals-RO Player Reviews [13]
Infamy Ragnarok Online Infamy Ragnarok Online Server InfoInfamy Ragnarok Online Player Reviews [26]
ImperialRO ImperialRO Server InfoImperialRO Player Reviews [54]
InfinitusRO InfinitusRO Server InfoInfinitusRO Player Reviews [11]
Infinite Ragnarok Infinite Ragnarok Server InfoInfinite Ragnarok Player Reviews [20]
iPlay Ragnarok Online iPlay Ragnarok Online Server InfoiPlay Ragnarok Online Player Reviews [7]

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