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Server Name Server Information Page Server Statistics and Player Reviews
RebirthRO - Low Rate RebirthRO - Low Rate Server InfoRebirthRO - Low Rate Player Reviews [53]
RebirthRO - Loki RebirthRO - Loki Server InfoRebirthRO - Loki Player Reviews [615]
Ragnarok Frontier *REFRESH* Ragnarok Frontier *REFRESH* Server InfoRagnarok Frontier *REFRESH* Player Reviews [161]
Reborn Reborn Server InfoReborn Player Reviews [17]
RiseRO RiseRO Server InfoRiseRO Player Reviews [96]
RebirthRO - Thor RebirthRO - Thor Server InfoRebirthRO - Thor Player Reviews [31]
RO Revival RO Revival Server InfoRO Revival Player Reviews [4]
RagnaRock Ragnarok Online RagnaRock Ragnarok Online Server InfoRagnaRock Ragnarok Online Player Reviews [21]
RenovatioRO RenovatioRO Server InfoRenovatioRO Player Reviews [6]
RojakRO-Renewal RojakRO-Renewal Server InfoRojakRO-Renewal Player Reviews [3]
Ragnarok Sarah Server Ragnarok Sarah Server Server InfoRagnarok Sarah Server Player Reviews [10]
Ragnarok Online - Aeolous Server Ragnarok Online - Aeolous Server Server InfoRagnarok Online - Aeolous Server Player Reviews [1]
Ragnarok Of Zodiac Ragnarok Of Zodiac Server InfoRagnarok Of Zodiac Player Reviews [11]
Ragnhild RO Ragnhild RO Server InfoRagnhild RO Player Reviews [7]
RagnaRock Fenris Ragnarok Online RagnaRock Fenris Ragnarok Online Server InfoRagnaRock Fenris Ragnarok Online Player Reviews [8]
Ragnarok Valkyrie Online Ragnarok Valkyrie Online Server InfoRagnarok Valkyrie Online Player Reviews [16]
Reload RO Reload RO Server InfoReload RO Player Reviews [9]
Ragnarok Global Online Ragnarok Global Online Server InfoRagnarok Global Online Player Reviews [3]
ROHispano ROHispano Server InfoROHispano Player Reviews [2]
Ragnarok Viral Ragnarok Viral Server InfoRagnarok Viral Player Reviews [6]

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