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Oath Day Letter (Oath_Day_Letter)
Obeaune Card (Obeaune_Card)
Oblivion Curse (Poison_Oblivion)
Observer (Observer)
Obsidian Card (Obsidian_Card)
Obsidian Dagger (Obsidian_Dagger)
Occult Incense (Purification_Sachet)
October Fest Cap (October_Fest_Cap)
Octopus Hat (Octopus_Hat)
Odin Mask (Odin_Mask)
Odin's Blessing (Odin's_Blessing)
Odin's Blessing (Odin's_Blessing_I)
Odium of Thanatos Card (Tha_Odium_Card)
Ogre Tooth (Ogre_Tooth)
Ogretooth Card (Tirfing_Card)
Oil Bottle (Oil_Bottle)
Oil Paper (Oil_Paper)
Oilpalm Coconut (Oilpalm_Coconut)
Old Bandana (Old_Bandanna)
Old Blue Box (Old_Blue_Box)
Old Blue Box (Old_Blue_Box_F)
Old Book (Mercenary_Rebellion)
Old Bronze Key (Old_Copper_Key)
Old Broom (Old_Broom)
Old Card Album (Old_Card_Album)
Old Frying Pan (Old_Frying_Pan)
Old Gift Box (Old_Gift_Box)
Old Green Box (Green_Box)
Old Green Box (Green_Box_)
Old Green Pantie (Old_Pant)
Old Hilt (Old_Hilt)
Old Magicbook (Old_Magic_Book)
Old Manteau (Old_Manteau)
Old Navy Box (Old_Bleu_Box)
Old Papers (Old_Magazine)
Old Pendant (Worn_Out_Pendant)
Old Pick (Old_Pick)
Old Piece Of Paper (Old_Paper)
Old Portrait (Old_Portrait)
Old Purple Box (Old_Violet_Box)
Old Red Box (Red_Box)
Old Red Box (Red_Box_)
Old Shuriken (Rust_Suriken)
Old White Cloth (Old_White_Cloth)
Old Yellow Box (Old_Yellow_Box)
Omen of Tempest (Indication_Of_Tempest)
One-way Ticket (RO_Transportation_Card)
Opal (White_Jewel)
Opera Masque (Phantom_Of_Opera)
Opera Phantom Mask (Opera_Ghost_Mask)
Ora Ora (Ora_Ora)
Orange (Orange)
Orange Dyestuffs (Orange_Dyestuffs)
Orange Gooey Mushroom (Mushroom_Of_Thief_2)
Orange Juice (Orange_Juice)
Orange Net Mushroom (Mushroom_Of_Thief_1)
Orange Potion (Orange_Potion)
Orange Ribbon (Ribbon_Orange)
Orange Stem Hat (Orange_Stem_Hat)
Orc Archer Bow (Orc_Archer_Bow)
Orc Archer Card (Orc_Archer_Card)
Orc Baby Card (Orc_Baby_Card)
Orc Claw (Nail_Of_Orc)
Orc Helm (Viking_Helm)
Orc Helm (Viking_Helm_)
Orc Helm (Viking_Helm_Repl)
Orc Hero Card (Orc_Hero_Card)
Orc Hero Headdress (L_Orc_Hero_Helm)
Orc Hero Scroll (Orc_HeroS)
Orc Lady Card (Orc_Lady_Card)
Orc Lord Card (Orc_Load_Card)
Orc Lord Scroll (Orc_LoadS)
Orc Skeleton Card (Orc_Skeleton_Card)
Orc Trophy (Horror_Of_Tribe)
Orc Warrior Card (Orc_Warrior_Card)
Orc Warrior Egg (Orc_Warrior_Egg)
Orc Warrior Exchange Ticket (Orc_Warrior_Ticket)
Orc Zombie Card (Orc_Zombie_Card)
Orc's Fang (Orcish_Cuspid)
Orchid Hairband (Orchid_Hairband)
Orcish Axe (Orcish_Axe)
Orcish Axe (Orcish_Axe_)
Orcish Axe (Orcish_Axe_C)
Orcish Sword (Orcish_Sword)
Orcish Voucher (Orcish_Voucher)
Ordinary Armor (Ordinary_Armor)
Ordinary Branch (Ordinary_Branch)
Ordinary Coin (Ordinary_Coin)
Oridecon (Oridecon)
Oridecon Anvil (Oridecon_Anvil)
Oridecon Arrow (Oridecon_Arrow)
Oridecon Arrow Quiver (Ori_Arrow_Container)
Oridecon Box (Oridecon_Box)
Oridecon Box (Oridecon_Box_)
Oridecon Hammer (Oridecon_Hammer)
Oriental Lute (Oriental_Lute)
Oriental Lute (Oriental_Lute_)
Oriental Pastry (Oriental_Pastry)
Original Clothing Dye Coupon Box (Cloth_Dye_Coupon2_Box)
Orlean's Gloves (Orleans_Glove_M)
Orleans's Glove (Orleans_Glove)
Orleans's Gown (Orleans_Gown)
Orleans's Server (Orleans_Server)
Ornament Hairpin (Ornamental_Hairpin)
Ornate Crown (Jewel_Crown_Repl)
Osiris Card (Osiris_Card)
Osiris Doll (Osiris_Doll)
Othila Rune (Runstone_Asir)
Outdoor Cooking Kit (Outdoor_Cooking_Kits)
Owl Baron Card (Owl_Baron_Card)
Owl Card Box (Owl_Card_Box)
Owl Duke Card (Owl_Duke_Card)
Ox Tail Egg (Ox_Tail_Scroll)
Oxygen Mask (Oxygen_Mask)

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