List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Cheer Scarf10 Box2Cheer Scarf10 Box2Cheering scarf X Box
Fruit BasketFruit Basket
Mora BerryMora Berry
Arrow Of Elf CntrArrow Of Elf CntrElven Arrow Quiver
Hunting Arrow CntrHunting Arrow CntrHunting Arrow Quiver
Lucky Egg C6Lucky Egg C6Rideword Hat Box
Rapid Life WaterRapid Life WaterRapid Life Potion
Ring Of Valkyrie BoxRing Of Valkyrie BoxRing of The Valkyrie Box
Universal Catalog SilverUniversal Catalog SilverWindow Shopper Catalogue
Universal Catalog GoldUniversal Catalog GoldBargain Hunter's Catalogue
Universal Catalog BronzeUniversal Catalog BronzeBlack Market Catalogue
Lucky Egg C7Item not in Pre-RenewalIncarnation Of Morocc Doll Box
Magic CandyItem not in Pre-Renewal
Old Ore BoxOld Ore Box
Mysterious EggItem not in Pre-Renewal
Old Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalShabby Coin Bag
Improved Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalPremium Coin Bag
Intermediate Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalNormal Coin Bag
Minor Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalPoor Coin Bag
S Grade Coin BagItem not in Pre-Renewal
A Grade Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalAgrade Pocket
B Grade Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalBgrade Pocket
C Grade Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalCgrade Pocket
D Grade Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalDgrade Pocket
E Grade Coin BagItem not in Pre-RenewalEgrade Pocket
Reins Of MountItem not in Pre-RenewalHalter Lead
Advanced Weapons BoxItem not in Pre-RenewalHigh Weapon Box
Sapa Feat Cert PackItem not in Pre-RenewalBag of Proof Sapha's Merit
Wander Man ScrollItem not in Pre-RenewalWanderman Scroll
Wicked Nymph ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal