List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Octopus Hunting SkewerItem not in Pre-RenewalOctopus Hunting Stick
Sillit Pong BottleItem not in Pre-Renewal
Emperium GItem not in Pre-RenewalEmpelium G
Blue Card XItem not in Pre-Renewal
Green PaperItem not in Pre-Renewal
Red PaperItem not in Pre-Renewal
White PaperItem not in Pre-Renewal
Casual DiaryItem not in Pre-RenewalOrdinary Kid's Diary
Honest DiaryItem not in Pre-RenewalHonest Kid's Diary
Unknown FishItem not in Pre-RenewalUnidentified Fish
Etoile RingItem not in Pre-RenewalEtoille's Ring
Undelivered GiftItem not in Pre-Renewal
Santa BagItem not in Pre-Renewal
Tiny TicketItem not in Pre-Renewal
+5 Weapon Refine Ticket+5 Weapon Refine Ticket+5 Weapon refine deed
+5 Armor Refine Ticket+5 Armor Refine TicketSafe to 10 Certificate
Jae Sinho UnpoItem not in Pre-RenewalFortune of Luck Package
Jae Sinho UndoItem not in Pre-Renewalfortune
Mimong SungjinItem not in Pre-RenewalSung Jin Mimong
Gilsang YeouiItem not in Pre-RenewalLucky Face
Sin Sun JeonsulItem not in Pre-RenewalFresh scripture Legend
Hate CrateItem not in Pre-Renewal
Guard CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalGuardian Coin
Clean WaterItem not in Pre-Renewal
PerfumeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Thai PerfumeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Warrior's WillItem not in Pre-RenewalWill of Warrior
Blood ThirstItem not in Pre-Renewal
Chills Of DeathItem not in Pre-RenewalGhost Chill
Holy Mom BlazeItem not in Pre-RenewalHolyMom Blaze