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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Amatsu Orb01Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Cherry Beans)
Amatsu Orb02Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Sakura T)
Amatsu Orb03Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Cold Scarlet Cherry)
Amatsu Orb04Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Miyama Sakura)
Amatsu Orb05Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Sato Sakura)
Amatsu Orb06Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Wild Cherry Tree)
Amatsu Orb07Item not in Pre-RenewalPearl Spring (Edo Equinox)
Poring CoinItem not in Pre-RenewalPoring coin
Holy Rock PieceItem not in Pre-RenewalSacred Rock Shard
Ancient City KeyItem not in Pre-Renewal
Dream ScrollItem not in Pre-Renewal
Enchant BookItem not in Pre-RenewalHeroic Desocketing Book
Blue 2 CardItem not in Pre-Renewal
Blue 0 CardItem not in Pre-Renewal
Blue 1 CardItem not in Pre-Renewal
Thanks Invest TicketItem not in Pre-Renewal
Cats Invest CertificateItem not in Pre-Renewal
Magic Clay FragmentItem not in Pre-RenewalPiece of Clay Magic
Magic ClayItem not in Pre-RenewalClay Magic
Magic Clay LumpItem not in Pre-RenewalMagic Lump Of clay
Kafra CoinItem not in Pre-Renewal
Eden Merit BadgeItem not in Pre-Renewal
Tikbalang's Thick SpineItem not in Pre-Renewal
Lesser AgimatItem not in Pre-Renewal
JejellopyItem not in Pre-Renewal
Ancient GrudgeAncient Grudge
Sharpened BambooItem not in Pre-Renewal
Salt BagItem not in Pre-Renewal
The CrossItem not in Pre-RenewalSilver Cross