List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Stolen CookieStolen Cookie
Stolen CandyStolen Candy
Yulia's HatYulia's Hat
Portable Snowman MachinePortable Snowman Machine
Battle Test CertificateBattle Test Certificate
Ancient Language DocumentAncient Language Document
Bronze CoinBronze CoinShred Of Evidence
Silver CoinSilver Coin
Magic PotionMagic Potion
Fragment Of MemoryFragment Of MemoryChunk Of Memory
Festival TicketFestival Ticket
He's ArsenalHe's ArsenalHero's Arsenal
Essence Of DragonEssence Of Dragon
RWC Voucher ItemsRWC Voucher ItemsRWC Event Ticket
Gold PaperItem not in Pre-Renewal
Silver PaperItem not in Pre-Renewal
IncenseItem not in Pre-Renewal
Candle TWItem not in Pre-Renewal
Brazil National FlagBrazil National Flag
Gold CoinGold Coin
Devil's Cattle RingDevil's Cattle Ring
Poison KitPoison Kit
Poison Herb NeriumPoison Herb Nerium
Poison Herb RantanaPoison Herb Rantana
Poison Herb MakulataPoison Herb Makulata
Poison Herb SeratumPoison Herb Seratum
Poison Herb ScoporiaPoison Herb ScoporiaPoison Herb Scopolia
Poison Herb AmoenaPoison Herb Amoena
Light GranuleLight Granule