List All Items - Ragnarok Online Pre-RE & Renewal
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Renewal Item Link Pre-Re Item Link iRO Item Name (If Different)
Garrison [1]Garrison [1]
Garrison [2]Garrison [2]
Gold Lux [0]Gold Lux [0]
Wasteland's Outlaw [2]Wasteland's Outlaw [2]
Soldier Revolver [0]Soldier Revolver [0]
Wasteland Outlaw [0]Wasteland Outlaw [0]Western Outlaw
Glorious Pistol [0]Glorious Pistol [0]
Sharpshooter Revolver [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Eden Revlover I [0]Eden Revlover I [0]Eden Revolver I
Eden Revlover II [0]Eden Revlover II [0]Eden Revolver II
Eden Revolver III [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalEden Group Revolver III
Upg Revolver [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalUpgrade Revolver
Novice Revolver [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
TE Woe Pistol [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalTE WoE Grenade
Fading Flame [0]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Freedom Flame [2]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Heaven's Feather & Hell's Fire [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Altea & Ares [0]Item not in Pre-RenewalAltair & Ares
Altea & Ares [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalAltair & Ares
Metal Revolver [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Infinity Pistol [1]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Crimson Revolver [2]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Revolver of Vicious Mind [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalRevolver of Evil Spirit
Unity Revolver [1]Item not in Pre-RenewalRevolver of Solidarity
Dark Rose [2]Item not in Pre-Renewal
Branch [3]Branch [3]
Cyclone [1]Cyclone [1]
Cyclone [2]Cyclone [2]
Dusk [1]Dusk [1]
Rolling Stone [1]Rolling Stone [1]