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Weapon - One-handed Axe
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War Axe [1]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1306 (War_Axe)
Type Weapon Class One-handed Axe Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 420
Attack 140Required Lvl 76Weapon Lvl 3Slot 1
Applicable Jobs
Blacksmith Alchemist
Description A bloodthirsty axe that has aided many warriors in battle.
DEX + 2, LUK + 2
Item Script
{ bonus bDex,2; bonus bLuk,2; },{},{}
Dropped By
Treasure Chest
Turtle General
Lord of Death / Lord of the Dead

Windhawk [0]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1307 (Windhawk)
Type Weapon Class One-handed Axe Buy 18000z Sell 9000z Weight 150
Attack 115Required Lvl 14Weapon Lvl 2Slot 0
Property Wind
Applicable Jobs
Swordman Merchant Thief Knight Blacksmith Assassin
Crusader Rogue Alchemist
Description An axe that summons the power of the wind, giving it unprecedented speed.
Increases Attack Speed by 5%.
Item Script
{ bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Wind; bonus bAspdRate,5; },{},{}
Dropped By
Armaia / Armeyer Dinze