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Weapon - Mace
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Long Mace [0]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1525 (Long_Mace)
Type Weapon Class Mace Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 80
Attack 135Required Lvl 40Weapon Lvl 4Slot 0Range 3
Applicable Jobs
Acolyte Priest Monk
Description A long, thin mace built like a spear.
Add a 10% resistance against Long Range attacks.
Capable of damaging enemies up to 3 cells away from its owner.
Item Script
{ bonus bLongAtkDef,10; },{},{}
Dropped By
Moonlight Flower

Lunakaligo [3]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1544 (Lunakaligo)
Type Weapon Class Mace Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 70
Attack 110Required Lvl 50Weapon Lvl 3Slot 3
Applicable Jobs
High Acolyte High Priest Champion
Description A big dark fry pan that looks like its met its age.
[Base Strength >= 77]
ASPD + 4%, Causes Stun effect to enemies by 15% chance.
When a Brute, Plant or Fish Type monster is killed, 5% Chance to drop a food item.
Item Script
{ if(readparam(bStr)>=77) { bonus bAspdRate,4; bonus2 bAddEff,Eff_Stun,1500; bonus3 bAddMonsterDropItem,12065,RC_Plant,500; bonus3 bAddMonsterDropItem,12043,RC_Brute,500; bonus3 bAddMonsterDropItem,12069,RC_Fish,500; } },{},{}
Dropped By