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Source Item:   Old Violet Box

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Item Slot Item Slot
Ora Ora-Animal Gore-
Clover-Four Leaf Clover-
Singing Plant-Ment-
Illusion Flower-Shoot-
Flower-Empty Bottle-
Yellow Gemstone-Red Gemstone-
Blue Gemstone-Garnet-
Ruby-Cursed Ruby-
Zircon-1carat Diamond-
2carat Diamond-3carat Diamond-
Cracked Diamond-Red Frame-
Chung Jah-China-
Black Ladle-Pencil Case-
Poring Doll-Chonchon Doll-
Spore Doll-Bouquet-
Wedding Bouquet-Glass Bead-
Crystal Mirror-Witherless Rose-
Frozen Rose-Baphomet Doll-
Osiris Doll-Rocker Doll-
Yoyo Doll-Raccoon Doll-
Daenggie-Tree Root-
Reptile Tongue-Scorpion Tail-
Stem-Pointed Scale-
Tooth of Bat-Fluff-
Chrysalis-Feather of Birds-
Talon-Sticky Webfoot-
Animal Skin-Wolf Claw-
Mushroom Spore-Orc's Fang-
Evil Horn-Powder of Butterfly-
Bill of Birds-Snake Scale-
Insect Feeler-Immortal Heart-
Rotten Bandage-Orcish Voucher-
Shell-Scale Shell-
Venom Canine-Sticky Mucus-
Bee Sting-Grasshopper's Leg-
Nose Ring-Yoyo Tail-
Solid Shell-Horseshoe-
Raccoon Leaf-Snail's Shell-
Horn-Bear's Footskin-
Feather-Heart of Mermaid-
Fin-Cactus Needle-
Stone Heart-Shining Scale-
Worm Peeling-Gill-
Decayed Nail-Horrendous Mouth-
Stinky Scale-Nipper-
Sharp Scale-Crab Shell-
Clam Shell-Clam Flesh-
Turtle Shell-Heroic Emblem-
Mixture-Scarlet Dyestuffs-
Lemon Dyestuffs-Cobaltblue Dyestuffs-
Darkgreen Dyestuffs-Orange Dyestuffs-
Violet Dyestuffs-White Dyestuffs-
Black Dyestuffs-Anvil-
Oridecon Anvil-Golden Anvil-
Emperium Anvil-Red Blood-
Crystal Blue-Wind of Verdure-
Green Live-Flame Heart-
Mystic Frozen-Rough Wind-
Great Nature-Iron-
Steel-Star Crumb-
Star Dust-Iron Ore-
Coal-Chivalry Emblem-
Hammer of Blacksmith-Old Magicbook-
Necklace of Wisdom-Necklace of Oblivion-
Hand of God-Phracon-
Rainbow Shell-Ant Jaw-
Tongue-Rat Tail-
Mole Whiskers-Mole Claw-
Trunk-Black Hair-
Dokebi Horn-Nine Tails-
Fish Tail-Squid Ink-
Porcupine Quill-Mane-
Tiger Skin-Mantis Scythe-
Maneater Blossom-Maneater Root-
Blue Hair-Dragon Canine-
Dragon Scale-Dragon Tail-
Little Evil Horn-Little Evil Wing-
Elder Pixie's Moustache-Lantern-
Bug Leg-Orc Claw-
Zenorc's Fang-Cultish Masque-
Scorpion Nipper-Dead Medusa-
Horrendous Hair-Skirt of Virgin-
Single Cell-Ancient Tooth-
Ancient Lips-Earthworm Peeling-
Grit-Moth Dust-
Moth Wings-Fabric-
Golden Hair-Witched Starsand-
Jack o' Pumpkin-Fang-
Fine-grained Trunk-Solid Trunk-
Barren Trunk-Morocc Solution-
Payon Solution-Empty Test Tube-
Empty Potion Bottle-Short Daenggie-
Needle of Alarm-Round Shell-
Worn Out Page-Manacles-
Worn-out Prison Uniform-Mould Powder-
Ogre Tooth-Anolian Skin-
Mud Lump-Skull-
Wing of Red Bat-Claw of Rat-
Stiff Horn-Glitter Shell-
Tail of Steel Scorpion-Claw of Monkey-
Tough Scalelike Stem-Coral Reef-
Old Portrait-Bookclip in Memory-
Spoon Stub-Key of Clock Tower-
Key of Underground-Claw of Desert Wolf-
Old Frying Pan-Piece of Egg Shell-
Poison Spore-Red Stocking-
Matchstick-Fang of Hatii-
Yarn-Fine Grit-
Alice's Apron-Talon of Griffon-
Brigan-Free Ticket for Kafra Storage-
Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation-Free Ticket for the Cart Service-
Soft Feather-Wing of Dragonfly-
Sea-Otter Fur-Ice Cubic-
Stone Fragment-Burnt Tree-
Destroyed Armor-Broken Shell-
Tattered Clothes-Old Shuriken-
Metal Fragment-Lava-
Burning Heart-Live Coal-
Worn-out Magic Scroll-Sharp Leaf-
Peco Peco Feather-Antelope Horn-
Antelope Skin-Piece of Shield-
Shining Spear Blade-Broken Sword-
Slick Paper-Sharp Paper-
Broken Pharaoh Emblem-Masque of Tutankhamen-
Harpy Feather-Harpy Talon-
Torn Magic Book-Torn Scroll-
Bacillus-Burning Horseshoe-
Honey Pot-Burning Hair-
Dragon Skin-Sand Clump-
Scorpion Claw-Large Jellopy-
Medicine Bowl-Bottle Grenade-
Acid Bottle-Plant Bottle-
Marine Sphere Bottle-Glistening Coat-
Yellow Plate-Piece of Bamboo-
Oil Paper-Glossy Hair-
Worn-out Kimono-Poisonous Powder-
Poisonous Toad Skin-Broken Shuriken-
Dark Mask-Broken Liquor Jar-
Tengu Nose-Black Bear Skin-
Cloud Crumb-Hard Feeler-
Solid Peach-Transparent Celestial Robe-
Soft Silk-Strange Steel Piece-
Giant Butterfly Wing-Ba Gua-
Leopard Skin-Leopard Claw-
Wrapping Lace-Wrapping Paper-
Cacao-Thin Trunk-
Festival Mask-Brown Root-
Wooden Heart-Solid Husk-
Sprout-Soft Blade of Grass-
Slingshot-Shoulder Protector-
Tough Vines-Huge Leaf-
Elastic Band-Log-
Pincher of Beetle-Strong Branch-
Piece of Black Cloth-Black Cat Doll-
Old Manteau-Rusty Kitchen Knife-
Helm of Dullahan-Armor Piece of Dullahan-
Fragment of Rossata Stone-Hung Doll-
Needle Packet-Bat Cage-
Broken Needle-Red Muffler-
Spool-Decomposed Rope-
Striped Sock-Ectoplasm-
Tangled Chains-Wooden Gnarl-
Contorted Self-Portrait-Pumpkin Lantern-
Folding Fan of Cat Ghost-Cat's Eye-
Dry Sand-Dragon Horn-
Denture from Dragon Mask-Tiger Panty-
Little Ghost Doll-Pinafore-
Nursing Bottle-Old White Cloth-
Clattering Skull-Broken Farming Utensil-
Dark Crystal Fragment-Insect Leg-
Rusty Screw-Old Pick-
Used Iron Plate-Dust Pollutant-
Crystal Fragment-Toxic Gas-
Battered Kettle-Flexible Tube-
Fluorescent Liquid-Flashlight-
Fragment of Agony-Fragment of Misery-
Fragment of Hatred-Fragment of Despair-
Red Feather-Blue Feather-
Cursed Seal-Three-Headed Dragon's Head-
Treasure Box-Green Bijou-
Blue Bijou-Red Bijou-
Yellow Bijou-Bloody Page-
Skeletal Armor Piece-Fire Dragon Scale-
Yellow Spice-Sweet Sauce-
Savory Sauce-Spicy Sauce-
Red Spice-Cooking Oil-
Level 1 Cookbook-Level 2 Cookbook-
Level 3 Cookbook-Level 4 Cookbook-
Level 5 Cookbook-Level 6 Cookbook-
Level 7 Cookbook-Level 8 Cookbook-
Level 9 Cookbook-Level 10 Cookbook-
Pot-Burnt Part-
Pocket Watch-Glacial Heart-
Ice Scale-Bloody Rune-
Rotten Meat-Sticky Poison-
Suspicious Hat-White Mask-

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