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Long Horn [1]   [One Hand]   Item ID# 1420 (Long_Horn)
Type Weapon Class One-handed Spear Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 100
Attack 150Required Lvl 65Weapon Lvl 4Slot 1Range 3
Property Holy
Applicable Jobs
High Swordman Lord Knight Paladin
Description A sword made with a holy horn. Has capacity to remove poison, and it is said being pierced by this spear causes you to bleed non-stop.
Small chance to cause Bleeding status ailment on the target.
Enables use of Level 1 Detoxify.
Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).
[+ Valkyrja's Shield]
Has a chance to autocast Level 2 Assumptio on the wearer when receiving physical attack.

[iRO Description]
A spear fashioned from a unicorn's horn, enabling it to neutralize poisons and inflict deep wounds.

Type: Weapon
Class: One-Handed Spear
Attack: 150
Property: Holy
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 65
Required Job: Transcendent Swordman Jobs

Enables Level 1 Detoxify.
Adds a 5% chance of inflicting Bleed on the target when performing a physical attack.
This item is indestructible in battle.

Set Bonus
Battle Hook [1] or Hunting Spear [1] or Long Horn [1]
Tournament Shield [1]
DEF + 2
ATK + 4%

If used by Knight Jobs,
ASPD - 5%.

Set Bonus
Long Horn [1]
Valkyrja's Shield [1]
Adds a 0.5% chance of casting Level 2 Assumptio on the user when receiving a physical attack.

More Information on Combo:
Item Script
{ bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Holy; bonus2 bAddEff,Eff_Bleeding,500; skill "TF_DETOXIFY",1; bonus bUnbreakableWeapon; },{},{}
Dropped By
Fallen Bishop / Falling Bishop
Fallen Bishop / Fallen Bishop Hibram