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Floating Stone Of Intelligence [Upper Head]   Item ID# 19022 (Floating_Stone_Of_Int)
Classic Safety Ring 2 Week Rental Box
Type Armor Class Upper Headgear Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 0
Applicable Jobs
Every Job
Description A floating stone that made based of Stone of Sage.
Adds immunity against [Blind] status.
[+Filir Hat]
Reflects 4% of melee physical attacks.
Adds a chance for 7 sec increase ASPD by 2.
Enables Level 10 [Double Attack] with all weapon classes.
[+Amistr Cap]
Adds a chance for 7 sec increase DEF according to refine level when attacked by physical attacks.
For every refine level of [Amistr Cap], increase MaxHP by 1%,
Increases restoration gained from Healing skills by 2%.
[+Leaf Cat Hat]
Adds a chance for 7 sec every succesful physical hit will restore SP by 3.
For every refine level of [Leaf Cat Hat], increase MaxSP by 1% and SP Recovery speed +1%.
[+Vanilmirth Hat]
When receiving physical attacks, has a chance to autocast Level 1 [Earth Spike] (or cast at the level learnt).
Increases magic damage of [Fire Bolt], [Cold Bolt], [Lightning Bolt] and [Earth Spike] by 50%.
Has a chance to autocast [Double Cast] when dealing physical attacks.

When unequipped, drains 200 SP.
It's not possible to hide this equipment even if you wear a costume.

[iRO Description]
A box that contains 1 Classic Safety Ring 2 Week Rental
Rental Item
A strange ring that
curiously raises its
wearer's defenses.
DEF +8, MDEF +8
This item cannot be Dropped or Traded.
Class : Accessory
Defense: 5
Required Level : 1 Jobs: All Except Novice
Item Script
{},{ sc_start SC_FSTONE,INFINITE_TICK,0; },{ sc_end SC_FSTONE; } // jRO Item
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