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Traveler Shoes [0]   [Footgear]   Item ID# 22198 (Traveler_Shoes)
Type Armor Class Footgear Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 50
Defense 15Required Lvl 100Slot 0
Applicable Jobs
Every Job
Description Not Available

[iRO Description]
Shoes fit for a traveler with much work to be done.
Class: Shoes
Defense: 15
Requires Level: 100
Mdef + 15.
MaxHP + 3%, MaxSP + 3%.
Matk + 2%.
Increases neutral property magical damage by 2%.
All stat + 1 per each level of Swing Dance user learned.
Attack speed + 4% per each level of Harmonize user learned.
MaxHP + 2% per each level of Frigg's Song user learned.
Increases damage of Metallic Sound by 10% and reduces casting time of Metallic Sound by 10% per each level of Gloomy Shyness user learned.
If user learned Deep Sleep Lullaby level 1, has a chance of inflicting sleep on an enemy when dealing magical damage.
Increases a chance of inflicting sleep per each level of Deep Sleep Lullaby user learned.
If refine rate is 5 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 7%,
additional Matk + 3%,
Increases neutral property magical damage by additional 3%.
If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 10%,
additional Matk + 5%,
Increases neutral property magical damage by additional 5%.
Item Script
{ bonus bMdef,15; bonus bMaxHPrate,3+(2*getskilllv("WM_FRIGG_SONG")); bonus bMaxSPrate,3; bonus bMatkRate,2; bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,Ele_Neutral,5; bonus bAllStats,getskilllv("WA_SWING_DANCE"); bonus bAspdRate,4*getskilllv("MI_HARMONIZE"); bonus2 bSkillAtk,"WM_METALICSOUND",10*getskilllv("WM_GLOOMYDAY"); bonus2 bVariableCastrate,"WM_METALICSOUND",-10*getskilllv("WM_GLOOMYDAY"); bonus3 bAddEff,Eff_Sleep,2*getskilllv("WM_LULLABY_DEEPSLEEP"),ATF_MAGIC; [email protected] = getrefine(); if ([email protected]>=5) { bonus bMaxHPrate,7; bonus bMaxSPrate,7; bonus bMatkRate,3; bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,Ele_Neutral,3; } if ([email protected]>=7) { bonus bMaxHPrate,10; bonus bMaxSPrate,10; bonus bMatkRate,5; bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,Ele_Neutral,5; } },{},{}
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