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Flying Galapago [0]   [Lower Head]   Item ID# 5967 (FlyingGalapago)
Type Armor Class Lower Headgear Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 50
Slot 0
Refineable No
Applicable Jobs
Every Job
Description A galapago that has a dream to fly high in the sky.
AGI +1
Randomly autocasts Blizz Beat when dealing physical attack.
Learned level of Blizz Beat affects the level of autocast.
Every base LUK increase the chance of Blizz Beat.

If Steel Crow is learned:
Increases Blizz Beat damage by 40%.

When combined with Galapago Card:
Increases restoration gained from Apple Juice, Banana Juice and Carrot Juice by 1000%.

When combined with Gryphon Card:
ATK -5%
Reduces after attack delay by 3%.

When combined with +9 Bow class weapon:

When combined with Condor Card:
Reduces damage taken from elemental attack by 5%.

When combined with Cendrawasih Card:
INT +1
Increases critical attack damage by 5%.
When equipped by Archer classes:
Increases critical attack damage by 15%.

When combined with Falconer Claw:
Reduces Blizz Beat damage by 200%.

[iRO Description]
Most Galapagos do not fly, but this one dreamt of flying so much that its dream came true. Fly, little Galapago, fly!
This item cannot be upgraded.
Class: Headgear
Position: Lower
Defense: 0
Requires Level: 110
Usable By: All Jobs
Agi + 1
Adds a chance of casting Blitz Beat on the target when performing a physical attack.
Level of this skill will be cast based on the known levels.
Increases the damage of Blitz Beat by 40% per level of Steel Crow known.
Set Bonus
Flying Galapago
Galapago Card
Increases the recovery rate of Apple Juice consumables by 1000%.
Increases the recovery rate of Banana Juice consumables by 1000%.
Increases the recovery rate of Carrot Juice consumables by 1000%.

Set Bonus
Flying Galapago
Gryphon Card
Aspd + 3%
Aspd + 1
Atk - 5%
If compounded to an upgrade level of +10 or higher bow type weapon, additional Aspd + 1.

Set Bonus
Flying Galapago
Condor Card
Reduces damage taken from all property attacks by 10%.

Set Bonus
Flying Galapago
Cendrawasih Card
Int + 1
Crit + 5
Archer Bonus
Crit +15

Set Bonus
Flying Galapago
Falconer Claw
Reduces the damage of Blitz Beat by 200%.

More Information on Combo:
Item Script
{ set [email protected],max(getskilllv("HT_BLITZBEAT"),1); set [email protected],min(readparam(bLuk),120); bonus bAgi,1; bonus3 bAutoSpell,"HT_BLITZBEAT",[email protected],50 + ([email protected] / 3) + ([email protected] * 2); bonus2 bSkillAtk,"HT_BLITZBEAT",getskilllv("HT_STEELCROW") * 40; },{},{}
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