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Mystical Costume Scroll    Item ID# 17523 (Costama_Egg29)
100 Silvervine Box
Type Cash Shop Item Class n/a Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 1
Description A magical egg that pops out outfits when opened.

Any of the following costume equipment will appear at random.
- Costume Angel Marcher Hat
- Costume Arabian Veil
- Costume Spell Circuit
- Costume Dark Night Veil
- Costume Eyes of Ifrit
- Costume Robo Eyes
- Costume Evil Marcher Hat
- Costume Black Devil Mask
- Costume Loki Mask
- Costume Rideword Hat
Item Script
{ getgroupitem(IG_Costama_Egg29); },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result

Mystical Feather    Item ID# 25287 (Mysterious_Feather)
Type Miscellaneous Class n/a Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 0
Description Very mysterious feathers.
I am worried that there is still a warm energy, but I think I can make something.

Batch deletion at the end of the event.
(December 28, 2016 ~ February 1, 2017)
Item Script
Dropped ByNo Result

Mythical Lion Mask [1]   [Upper & Middle Head]   Item ID# 5177 (Guardian_Lion_Mask)
Type Armor Class Upper & Middle Headgear Buy 30000z Sell 15000z Weight 50
Defense 5Required Lvl 40Armor Lvl 1Slot 1
Applicable Jobs
Every Job
Description A Korean traditional mask made to resemble a lion. The threatening look of the mask is quite frightning to see.
[Taekwon Classes]
DEX + 2
ATK increases by Refine Rate * 2
Add a 10% chance of auto casting Stun on the target when dealing physical melee attack.
Item Script
{ if (BaseClass == Job_Taekwon) { bonus bDex,2; bonus bBaseAtk,2*getrefine(); bonus3 bAddEff,Eff_Stun,1000,ATF_SHORT; } },{},{}
Dropped ByNo Result
Obtainable FromSmiling Mask, Lion Masquerade & Bride Mask

Mythlit Egg    Item ID# 9079 (Mythlit_Egg)
Type Monster Egg Class n/a Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 0
Description An egg in which a Mythlit cute pet rests.
Can be hatched by using a Pet Incubator.

When intimacy is Cordial: All Stats +1.
When intimacy is Loyal: All Stats +1.
Item Script
Dropped ByNo Result