.:Skill Analysis:.

Thanatos Maero / Maero of Thanatos

Skill Analysis
State - Condition Chance Cast Time Cast Delay Target Cancelable?
  Teleport [Lv 1]
idle - rude attacked100%0 sec0 secselfyes
  Sonic Blow [Lv 10]
attack - always5%0 sec5 sectargetyes
  Ghost Attribute Attack [Lv 5]
attack - always10%0 sec5 sectargetyes
  Soul Strike of Darkness [Lv 9]
attack - always10%1 sec5 sectargetyes
chase - always10%1 sec5 sectargetyes
  Invisible [Lv 1]
attack - always5%1 sec5 secselfyes
idle - always5%1 sec5 secselfyes