.:Skill Analysis:.

Incarnation of Morroc / Shadow of Morroc

Skill Analysis
State - Condition Chance Cast Time Cast Delay Target Cancelable?
  Twohand Quicken [Lv 30]
chase - HP lower than 45 percent100%1 sec60 secselfno
attack - HP lower than 45 percent100%1 sec60 secselfno
  Jupitel Thunder [Lv 5]
chase - always50%1 sec20 sectargetno
attack - always30%1 sec20 sectargetno
  Lord of Vermilion [Lv 5]
chase - always50%1 sec25 sectargetno
attack - always20%1 sec25 sectargetno
  Dispell [Lv 5]
chase - always5%0 sec30 sectargetyes
attack - always5%0 sec30 sectargetyes
  Grand cross of Darkness [Lv 5]
attack - always5%2 sec30 secselfno
  Pulse Strike [Lv 5]
chase - always20%0 sec30 secselfyes
attack - always20%0 sec30 secselfyes
  Magic Mirror [Lv 1]
chase - always100%0 sec30 secselfyes
  Slow Cast [Lv 5]
attack - always100%0 sec30 secselfyes
  Expulsion [Lv 1]
attack - always1%1 sec30 sectargetno