.:Riotblade's Sprite Bible:.
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.:::General System Effects:::.

Directory:  /data/sprite/����Ʈ
General system effects

�ٴٹ� ������.spr Green Mat/shield(?)
�ٴٹ�.spr Green Mat/shield(again)
�ٴٹ�_.spr Green Mat/shield(again)
��dz.spr Falling Leaves (Payon etc)
��2.spr Sniper's Falcon
��.spr Hunter's Falcon
�׸��ں���.spr Some Attack Frame(?)
���ҿ���.spr ?? (Empty)
����1.spr ?? (looks like a small scarf)
����2.spr ?? (small scarf again)
����.spr ?? (Spinning coin, not sure from what)
����Ʈ���̼�.spr ?? (Empty)
��.spr ?? (Empty)
05vallentine.spr 2005 Valentine Effects
�����߱�.spr ?? (A flask of holy water, maybe?)
�ռ���1.spr Level 1 merchant cart
�ռ���2.spr Level 2 merchant cart
�ռ���3.spr Level 3 merchant cart
�ռ���4.spr Level 4 merchant cart
�ռ���.spr Basic merchant cart
����.spr Numbers (Damage counter font)
����ռ���.spr Super Novice cart
�������.spr ?? (Empty)
����.spr "Stop" mob skill effect
�Ȱ�����.spr Some effect (Starts with cloud and then slides)
������.spr "Frozen" status effect
����.spr Niflheim Bat(?)
����.spr Niflheim Ghost(?)
â.spr ?? (A rather large spear)
ħ����_.spr ?? (Empty)
ũ��������.spr ?? (Empty)
õ��.spr ?? (Some Angel holding a spear?)
õ�糯��.spr ?? (Some skill's Angel Wings?)
õ�糯������.spr ?? (scarf looking thing again)
ü�������𵥵�.spr ?? (skull, possibly for some poison skill)
ij����.spr ?? (Fading light and a scary wolf head)
�ູ.spr "Blessing" angels
�ϼ�.spr ?? (Chinese character meaning twinkle?)
����Ʈ.spr ?? (Some kind of splash effect..)
bluemsg.spr ?? (Contains miss,guard etc and blue critical for Taekwon)
cconfine.spr Close Confine effect(?)
�Ѻ�õ��(����).spr ?? (Another Angel?)
�Ѻ�õ��(��ü).spr ?? (Another Angel?)
�Ѻ�õ��.spr ?? (Another Angel?)
�հ�_.spr ?? (Korean characters)
darkbreath.spr ?? (Damage counters..?)
ȭ����.spr ?? (Empty)
ef_snow.spr ?? (Snow effect, Lutie etc)
emotion.spr Emote bubbles
fast.spr ?? (same as 05vallentine.spr)
fireball.spr ?? (Empty)
firewall.spr ?? (Empty)
fvoice.spr ?? (Some Ring? OMG it's Sadako!!)
gameover.spr ?? (Letters spelling out "GAMEOVER")
item_cloud.spr Box of Thunder effect
item_curse.spr Box of Resentment effect
item_rain.spr Box of Storms effect
item_thunder.spr Box of Thunder effect (same as item_cloud.spr)
item_zzz.spr Box of Drowsiness effect
m_ef01.spr ?? (Some fire effect)
m_ef02.spr ?? (Some fireball effect)
m_ef03.spr ?? (Bio-lab mob effect?)
m_ef04.spr ?? (Bio-lab mob effect?)
m_ef05.spr ?? (Some dark flame effect)
m_ef06.spr ?? (Cool looking flame bat)
m_ef07.spr ?? (Black flames, similar to m_ef01.spr)
miss.spr ?? (Weird "miss" splash)
msg.spr Various text effects (miss,critical bubble..)
mvp.spr Old MVP flag
�����巯��Ʈ.spr ?? (Fade out to wolfhead.. ANOTHER RING OMG!!)
orcface.spr Orc Head
particle1.spr ?? (Empty)
particle2.spr ?? (Empty)
particle3.spr ?? (Empty)
particle4.spr ?? (Empty)
particle5.spr ?? (Empty)
particle6.spr ?? (Empty)
particle7.spr ?? (Empty)
poisonhit.spr ?? (A cloud, presumably of poison)
rankfont.spr PVP ranking numbers
sakura01.spr Cherry blossoms
sight.spr ?? (Empty)
smoke.spr ?? (Some kind of splash effect..)
status-curse.spr "Cursed" reaper
status-sleep.spr "Sleep" Z's
status-stun.spr "Stun" stars
timeattack.spr Time Attack letters
timefont.spr Time Attack numbers
torch_01.spr ?? (Empty)
waterball.spr ?? (Empty)
wink.spr ?? (A small heart?)