.:Skill Alphabetical Listing:.
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Skill Name iRO Skill Name Skill
TaeKwon Mission Taekwon Mission 493 Open
Talkie Box - 125 Open
Taming Monster Beastly Hypnosis 297 Open
Tarot Card of Fate - 489 Open
Tasty Shrimp Party - 5051 Open
Technique Kaihou Release Ninja Spell 3019 Open
Teleportation Teleport 26 Open
Tender - 8227 Open
Tension Relax Relax 358 Open
Tetra Vortex - 2217 Open
The Apple of Idun Song of Lutie 322 Open
The Ring of Nibelungen Harmonic Lick 310 Open
Thorn Trap Thorns Trap 2479 Open
Throw Arrow Slinging Arrow 324 Open
Throw Huuma Shuriken - 525 Open
Throw Kunai - 524 Open
Throw Shuriken - 523 Open
Throw Stone Stone Fling 152 Open
Throw Tomahawk Tomahawk Throwing 337 Open
Throw Venom Knife Venom Knife 1004 Open
Throw Zeny Throw Coins 526 Open
Throwing Mastery Dagger Throwing Practice 522 Open
Thunder Storm Thunderstorm 21 Open
Tiger Cannon - 2330 Open
Tiger Knuckle Fist Glacier Fist 371 Open
Tinder Breaker - 8036 Open
Tooth Of Warg - 2245 Open
Touch of Heal Healing Hands 8001 Open
Tracking - 512 Open
Trample - 2309 Open
Triangle Slot Triangle Shot 2288 Open
Trick Dead Play Dead 143 Open
Triple Action - 502 Open
Triple Attack Raging Trifecta Blow 263 Open
True Sight Falcon Eyes 380 Open
Tuna Belly - 5038 Open
Tuna Party - 5039 Open
Tunnel Drive Stalk 213 Open
Turn Undead - 77 Open
Twilight Alchemy I Spiritual Potion Creation 496 Open
Twilight Alchemy II Spiritual Potion Creation 497 Open
Twilight Alchemy III Spiritual Potion Creation 498 Open
Two-Hand Quicken Twohand Quicken 60 Open
Two-Handed Sword Mastery Two Handed Sword Mastery 3 Open