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Basic Skill (Skill ID# 1)
Type Passive Max Lv 9
EffectEnable to apply Basic Interface Skills.
Other Notes
1Enable to initialize Trade.
Allow to Trade items with another Character.
2Enable to express Emotions.
Using Alt+0~9 keys, Allow to express one's emotions. For emotions list push Alt+M.
3Enable to Sit
Allow to regenerate HP/SP two times faster with a sit gesture. To use type /sit or hit Insert.
4Enable to open one's own Chat Room
Allow to open a Chat Room. Push Alt+C to create.
5Enable to join a Party
Allow to join a party.
6Enable to use Kafra Storage
Allow to use an extra inventory that can hold 300 types of items. Talk to a Kafra to access it. All town Kafras offer this service, but some located in the wilderness may not.
7/organize [Party Name]
9Enable to Transform into the 1st profession
Allow to change one's Job into the 1st profession.

First Aid [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 142)
Type Active Max Lv 1
SP Cost3 TargetSelf
EffectHeal yourself for 5 HP. Not a crazy powerful skill, but mages seem to like it for saving money on healing items.
Can be learnt from Novice Platinum Skills Quests

Trick Dead [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 143, iRO Name: Play Dead)
Type Active Max Lv 1
SP Cost5 TargetSelf
Stay Duration600 sec
EffectYou lay on the ground like you were dead and aggressive monsters won't target you. You can't recover HP or SP while pretending to be dead. You can Trick Dead as long as you want.
Casting Trick Dead a second time cancels it, letting you move again. Once you choose another Job, you lose the ability to use this skill.
Can be learnt from Novice Platinum Skills Quests

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