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Double Attack (Skill ID# 48)
Type Passive Max Lv 10Attack Type Use Weapon Property
Range1 cells
Required ForAdvanced Katar Research (Lv 5, Assassin Cross), Soul Breaker (Lv 5, Assassin Cross)
EffectGives chance to double swing a Dagger class weapon with a chance equal to (5*SkillLV)%, and adds +1 HIT per SkillLV (that only applies in double attacks). In the case of an Assassin wielding two Dagger class weapons, it applies to the right-hand weapon only.
It also boosts the off-hand (left hand) damage of a Katar weapon by (1+2*SkillLV)% ATK.
Other Notes
15% Chance, +1 HIT, +3% Katar DMG
210% Chance, +2 HIT, +5% Katar DMG
315% Chance, +3 HIT, +7% Katar DMG
420% Chance, +4 HIT, +9% Katar DMG
525% Chance, +5 HIT, +11% Katar DMG
630% Chance, +6 HIT, +13% Katar DMG
735% Chance, +7 HIT, +15% Katar DMG
840% Chance, +8 HIT, +17% Katar DMG
945% Chance, +9 HIT, +19% Katar DMG
1050% Chance, +10 HIT, +21% Katar DMG

Increase Dodge (Skill ID# 49, iRO Name: Improve Dodge)
Type Passive Max Lv 10
EffectIncreases Flee Rate by +3*SkillLV. This skill boosts the walking speed for Assassins by 1% per SkillLV and gives an additional +1 Flee Rate per SkillLV when you are an Assassin or Rogue.
The walking speed bonus does not add to the walking speed increase when using Cloaking.
Other Notes
1Flee Rate +3% (2nd class Flee Rate +4%)
2Flee Rate +6% (2nd class Flee Rate +8%)
3Flee Rate +9% (2nd class Flee Rate +12%)
4Flee Rate +12% (2nd class Flee Rate +16%)
5Flee Rate +15% (2nd class Flee Rate +20%)
6Flee Rate +18% (2nd class Flee Rate +24%)
7Flee Rate +21% (2nd class Flee Rate +28%)
8Flee Rate +24% (2nd class Flee Rate +32%)
9Flee Rate +27% (2nd class Flee Rate +36%)
10Flee Rate +30% (2nd class Flee Rate +40%)

Steal (Skill ID# 50)
Type Active Max Lv 10Attack Type Weapon
SP Cost10 TargetEnemyRange1 cells
Required ForHiding (Lv 5), Snatcher (Lv 1, Rogue)
EffectAttempts to "steal" an item from the targeted monster. Only items dropped by the monster can be stolen. A successful Steal attempt will not affect what is dropped when the monster dies.
After success, it is not possible to Steal again from the same monster. Boss, Frozen and Stone Cursed monsters cannot be robed.
The formula for stealing is: DropRatio*(DEX - MonsterDEX + 10 + 3*SkillLV + )/100 where DropRatio is the percent chance of a particular item being dropped.
If the result of the steal check is lower than the AdjustedDropRatio for an item, then it is possible that item will be stolen.
Other Notes
1Success Chance 10%
2Success Chance 16%
3Success Chance 22%
4Success Chance 28%
5Success Chance 34%
6Success Chance 40%
7Success Chance 46%
8Success Chance 52%
9Success Chance 58%
10Success Chance 64%

Hiding (Skill ID# 51)
Type Active Max Lv 10
SP Cost10 + see below TargetSelfRange1 cells
AreaArea effect skills and spells can't hit you (except Heaven's Drive). Insects, Demons and Boss monsters are not affected by the h
RequirementsSteal Lv 5
Required ForCloaking (Lv 2, Assassin), Tunnel Drive (Lv 1, Rogue), Chase Walk (Lv 5, Stalker)
Stay DurationMin-Max Lv: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 / 240 / 270 / 300 sec
EffectToggles the hide effect on the character on/off. Toggling the hide effect off consumes no SP. Hidden characters cannot move, attack or use any skill (except certain Rogue skills) and do not regenerate HP or SP.
The hide effect makes a character invisible to other players and monsters. This stops skills and spells that are targeted at you from working (those with casting times fail) and anything attacking you stops (assuming that their last hit doesn't hit you and reveal you!).
Attention Concentrate, Ruwach, Detecting and Sight are all capable of revealing hidden characters. Consumes 10 SP for casting and continually drains certain amount of SP while hiding.
Other Notes
  • Cannot be used in Aldebaran Turbo Track
  • Skill is usable while hiding
  • Skill is blockable by Kagehumi (Shadow Trampling)
  • Skill cannot be used while in a Mado
  • Skill is blockable by Warg Bite
130 Seconds, SP 1 / 5sec
260 Seconds, SP 1 / 6sec
390 Seconds, SP 1 / 7sec
4120 Seconds, SP 1 / 8sec
5150 Seconds, SP 1 / 9sec
6180 Seconds, SP 1 / 10sec
7210 Seconds, SP 1 / 11sec
8240 Seconds, SP 1 / 12sec
9270 Seconds, SP 1 / 13sec
10300 Seconds, SP 1 / 14sec

Envenom (Skill ID# 52)
Type Offensive Max Lv 10Attack Type Poison Property, Weapon
SP Cost12 TargetEnemyRange2 cells
Required ForDetoxify (Lv 3), Enchant Poison (Lv 1, Assassin), Create Deadly Poison (Lv 10, Assassin Cross), Soul Breaker (Lv 5, Assassin Cross)
Effect Duration[Pre-Renewal: 60 sec]
[Renewal: 20 sec]
EffectAn attack that adds 15*SkillLV to your ATK (unmodified by Armor and VIT Def) to your normal damage. This bonus damage is always inflicted, whether your character lands a normal hit or not.
Envenom has a (10+4*SkillLV)% chance to inflict poison status on target. Poisoned targets have their DEF reduced by 25% and lose 3% of Maximum HP every 3 seconds unless that would cause HP to drop below 25% of Maximum HP.
The entire screen turns purple for the poisoned individual. Undead property and Boss monsters cannot be poisoned.
Other Notes
1+15 ATK
2+30 ATK
3+45 ATK
4+60 ATK
5+75 ATK
6+90 ATK
7+105 ATK
8+120 ATK
9+135 ATK
10+150 ATK

Detoxify (Skill ID# 53)
Type Active Max Lv 1Attack Type Poison Property, Weapon
SP Cost10 TargetPlayerRange9 cells
RequirementsEnvenom Lv 3
Required ForCreate Deadly Poison (Lv 1, Assassin Cross)
EffectCures poison status on target.

Sprinkle Sand [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 149, iRO Name: Sand Attack)
Type Offensive Max Lv 1Attack Type Earth Physical, Weapon
SP Cost9 TargetEnemyRange1 cells
Effect Duration[Pre-Renewal: 30 sec]
[Renewal: 20 sec]
EffectAn attack with 130% normal ATK and with a 20% chance to cause blind effect. Although it has no Cast Time or Cool Down it can't be spamed.
Can be learnt from Thief Platinum Skills Quests

Back Sliding [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 150, iRO Name: Back Slide)
Type Active Max Lv 1Attack Type Weapon
SP Cost7 TargetSelf
Knockback5 cell(s)
EffectMoves you backwards 5 cells (depends on the direction you are facing).
Other Notes
  • Cannot be used in GvG maps
  • Cannot be used in Battleground maps
  • Cannot be used in WoE:TE castles
  • Skill is blockable by Kagehumi (Shadow Trampling)
Can be learnt from Thief Platinum Skills Quests

Pick Stone [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 151, iRO Name: Find Stone)
Type Active Max Lv 1
SP Cost2 TargetSelf
Cast Time[Pre-Renewal: 0.5 sec]
[Renewal: None]
Fixed Cast Time0.5 sec (Renewal only)
Required StateRequires to be less than 50% weight
EffectAdds one Stone item to your inventory. Will not work if you are overweight (more than 50% of total weight capacity).
Can be learnt from Thief Platinum Skills Quests

Throw Stone [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 152, iRO Name: Stone Fling)
Type Offensive Max Lv 1Attack Type Neutral, Long Range, Physical, Misc
SP Cost2 TargetEnemyRange7 cells
Stay Duration5 sec
Effect Duration[Pre-Renewal: 30 sec]
[Renewal: 20 sec]
Cast Delay0.1 sec
Item Required1 Stone
EffectAn attack that always does 50 points of damage (but does not ignore damage reduction cards) and has a 3% chance of causing the stun effect on the target. Consumes one stone per use. Useful for luring monsters link monsters away from a pack and other such sneaky thief-like tricks.
Other Notes
  • Skill ignores target's flee
Can be learnt from Thief Platinum Skills Quests

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