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Hiding (Skill ID# 51)
Type Active Max Lv 10
SP Cost10 + see below TargetSelfRange1 cells
AreaArea effect skills and spells can't hit you (except Heaven's Drive). Insects, Demons and Boss monsters are not affected by the h
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Steal Lv 5
Required ForCloaking (Lv 2, Assassin), Tunnel Drive (Lv 1, Rogue), Chase Walk (Lv 5, Stalker), Tunnel Drive (Lv 1, Expanded Super Novice)
Stay DurationMin-Max Lv: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 / 240 / 270 / 300 sec
EffectToggles the hide effect on the character on/off. Toggling the hide effect off consumes no SP. Hidden characters cannot move, attack or use any skill (except certain Rogue skills) and do not regenerate HP or SP.
The hide effect makes a character invisible to other players and monsters. This stops skills and spells that are targeted at you from working (those with casting times fail) and anything attacking you stops (assuming that their last hit doesn't hit you and reveal you!).
Attention Concentrate, Ruwach, Detecting and Sight are all capable of revealing hidden characters. Consumes 10 SP for casting and continually drains certain amount of SP while hiding.
Other Notes
  • Cannot be used in Aldebaran Turbo Track
  • Skill is usable while hiding
  • Skill is blockable by Kagehumi (Shadow Trampling)
  • Skill cannot be used while in a Mado
  • Skill is blockable by Warg Bite
130 Seconds, SP 1 / 5sec
260 Seconds, SP 1 / 6sec
390 Seconds, SP 1 / 7sec
4120 Seconds, SP 1 / 8sec
5150 Seconds, SP 1 / 9sec
6180 Seconds, SP 1 / 10sec
7210 Seconds, SP 1 / 11sec
8240 Seconds, SP 1 / 12sec
9270 Seconds, SP 1 / 13sec
10300 Seconds, SP 1 / 14sec

Yamikumo (Skill ID# 3001, iRO Name: Shadow Hiding)
Type Active Max Lv 1
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Shadow Slash Lv 5
Required ForJyumonjikiri / Cross Strike (Lv 1, Kagerou), Jyumonjikiri / Cross Strike (Lv 1, Oboro)
Stay Duration200 sec
EffectHide one's presence. Similar to Thief hide skill.
Continuously drains a certain amount of SP while this state is active.
The state will be removed when using this skill again or when SP becomes 0.
Other Notes
  • Skill is usable while hiding

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