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Electric Walk (Skill ID# 2444)
Type Active / Special / Damage Max Lv 5Attack Type Wind Property, Magic
SP Cost26+4*SkillLVTargetSelf
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Violent Gale Lv 1
Stay Duration30 sec
Effect Duration12 sec
Cast Time1 sec
Cast Delay1 sec
EffectGenerates thunder under the feet of the caster, leaving a trail of wind element damage zones when you walk.
Other Notes
  • You cannot cast more than 8 instances of this skill before the first one expires.
  • Spell cannot be stacked
  • Spell effects do not overlap
  • Skill does not affect players with Hovering active
1Up to 8 areas
2Up to 10 areas
3Up to 12 areas
4Up to 14 areas
5Up to 16 areas

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