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Envenom (Skill ID# 52)
Type Offensive Max Lv 10Attack Type Poison Property, Weapon
SP Cost12 TargetEnemyRange2 cells
Required ForDetoxify (Lv 3, Thief), Enchant Poison (Lv 1, Assassin), Detoxify (Lv 3, Super Novice), Create Deadly Poison (Lv 10, Assassin Cross), Soul Breaker (Lv 5, Assassin Cross), Enchant Poison (Lv 1, Expanded Super Novice)
Effect Duration[Pre-Renewal: 60 sec]
[Renewal: 20 sec]
EffectAn attack that adds 15*SkillLV to your ATK (unmodified by Armor and VIT Def) to your normal damage. This bonus damage is always inflicted, whether your character lands a normal hit or not.
Envenom has a (10+4*SkillLV)% chance to inflict poison status on target. Poisoned targets have their DEF reduced by 25% and lose 3% of Maximum HP every 3 seconds unless that would cause HP to drop below 25% of Maximum HP.
The entire screen turns purple for the poisoned individual. Undead property and Boss monsters cannot be poisoned.
Other Notes
1+15 ATK
2+30 ATK
3+45 ATK
4+60 ATK
5+75 ATK
6+90 ATK
7+105 ATK
8+120 ATK
9+135 ATK
10+150 ATK

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