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Bio Explosion (Skill ID# 8016, iRO Name: Self Destruction)
Type Offensive Max Lv 3Attack Type Use Weapon Property, Misc
SP Cost1 TargetSelfRange4 cells
Area9 x 9 cells
EffectHomunculus self destructs and inflicts defense ignoring damage on everything within a 9x9 cells around it. The damage is based on the Homunculus Maximum HP, and after the attack, its intimacy is reduced to 1.

Requires at least 910 intimacy to unlock skill.
Other Notes
  • Skill ignores elemental adjustments
  • Skill ignores target's flee
  • Skill ignores target's defense cards
1Equals to the Homunculus' Max HP
2Equals to 150% of the Homunculus' Max HP
3Equals to 200% of the Homunculus' Max HP

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