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Played for more than 1 year 2019-07-23
I played LimitRO for 5 years, I don't recommend this server because of the corruptions and Toxicity of the players here, and if you fight back and TT them, the admin will inta ban you, lots of jRO imbalanced items and lots of Admin-made scam features such as, VIP(donate coin)-drains and Zenny-drains feature. If you want to see how he favour his favorite guild/players, here's the example: I really don't suggest you to play LimitRO. -Advice from 5yrs Ex-VIP Player
Rating: 27
Comment #1
Stability: 5
Availability: 7
Friendliness: 3
Eventfulness: 1
Game Masters
Friendliness: 2
Availability: 4
Helpfulness: 2
Economy: 1
Guild Competition: 1
Class Balance: 1
Owner's reply to this review:
Wish you the best out there. Hope you find another server that suits you <3 Best wishes and thank you so much for the contributions and you are welcome that LimitRO gave you so many years of good entertainment <3 We don't owe you, you don't owe us. ^^