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Played for 5 months 2017-05-15
Ragranok online (RO) is an isometric MMORPG developed by Gravite ang based on the manwWha Ragonarok by Lee Myung-Jin. Players are immersed in a beautiful 3D environment with intericately designed 2D sprites. An enormous selection of classes to choos form caters to every playstyle. Players gain experience by crawling through dungeouns , fields , and labyrunths to slay monsters . creat a party and flight powerful bosses for srare items , or join a guild angd fight for control of strongholds in PVP
Rating: 100
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Stability: 10
Availability: 10
Friendliness: 10
Eventfulness: 10
Game Masters
Friendliness: 10
Availability: 10
Helpfulness: 10
Economy: 10
Guild Competition: 10
Class Balance: 10