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Played for less than 1 month 2024-03-17
Has !ping so you know your latency with server. I haven't interacted with GM yet so I kept the score neutral. I haven't played long enough to see class balance. Farming is fun and smooth because you get Infinite Fly Wing. Teleporting visually looks better. You can also use @storage to farm longer and sell later. Creators are viable to play as most of their important potions are in the Tool Dealer. A lot of thoughtful quality of life NPCs. You can make a lot of Zeny with events. So far so good!
Rating: 62
Comment #1
Stability: 10
Availability: 10
Friendliness: 10
Eventfulness: 10
Game Masters
Friendliness: 5
Availability: 5
Helpfulness: 5
Economy: 1
Guild Competition: 1
Class Balance: 5

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