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Played for less than 1 month 2024-05-12
In the many years of playing RO and using this website, I have never made an account to drop a review. I'm glad I found this server. Despite opening fairly new, it has become a favorite. The GM is responsive and reliable. The server is reliable and has proxies for many regions. The community is still growing and I'm fairly positive it's only gonna get better from here. Looking forward to spend a lot of hours in our new home. Come join us. Not once have I made any complaint since I joined :D
Rating: 96
Comment #1
Stability: 10
Availability: 10
Friendliness: 10
Eventfulness: 9
Game Masters
Friendliness: 10
Availability: 10
Helpfulness: 10
Economy: 9
Guild Competition: 9
Class Balance: 9

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