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Played for less than 1 month 2024-05-13
A cool server with some challenging fights, needing to dodge some skills meant to kill you with tools the server provide, like dodge (something like hiding + tunnel drive for 1.5s) jump (like sura's snap) and backslide, all of them with balancing cd to not be a easy thing. the low level cap is meant to challenge your character building so endgame fights are a hard thing. Still on early stage so lots of post lv100 stuffs are undone (you'll be fighting vanillaRO things) but eventually be remade.
Rating: 70
Comment #1
Stability: 8
Availability: 8
Friendliness: 9
Eventfulness: 6
Game Masters
Friendliness: 10
Availability: 9
Helpfulness: 9
Economy: 5
Guild Competition: 1
Class Balance: 5

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