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Mixture and Counteragent Quest

Mixture and Counteragent Quest - Step 1 - Alberta

Merchant Louitz
alberta_in (130, 54)

Inside the big house at the North of Alberta Town
Go in, walk upstair, enter the room at the end of the hallway
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Alcohol x 1
Detrimindexta x 1
Karvodailnirol x 1
Not Applicable
You must have all 3 items listed above in order to open the menu option 'More about Solutions'. He will tell you to talk to Aure Dupon in Geffen for more information. He will not take your items but you need to have them in your inventory to open the option to talk about them.

Mixture and Counteragent Quest - Step 2 - Geffen

Aure Dupon
Geffen (181, 114)

East side of Geffen
under a street light
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Talk to him, ask him More about Morgenstein. He will tell you where to find Morgenstein.

Mixture and Counteragent Quest - Step 2 - Morgenstein

geffen_in (141, 140)

2nd floor of Geffen's [old] Blasksmith Guild
5 o'clock position of Geffen
Ingredient(s) Product(s)

-- Counteragent Ingredients --
Alcohol x 1
Detrimindexta x 1
Empty Bottle x 1

-- Mixture Ingredients --
Alcohol x 1
Karvodailnirol x 1
Empty Bottle x 1

-- Counteragent Result --
Counteragent x 1

-- Mixture Result --
Mixture x 1
Talk to him, ask about his research. If you are doing the Alchemist Job Quest, up to this part you have completed your task.

After you asked about his research, talk to him again if you want to make a Mixture or Counteragent. There will be options for each solutions.

Cost: Each Mixture cost 4000z, Each Counteragent cost 3000z.

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