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Crusader Platinum Skills Quest

Shrink - Step 1


Just a little left from the Geffen Tower entrance
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Not Applicable Shrink
(This guide is based on eAthena, in official server you need at least job level 40 to start the quest)

Talk to him, he will ask you to bring a report back from a soldier named Sloutii located at south of Geffen.

Shrink - Step 2

Soldier (Sloutii)

From the west gate of Geffen town. Go 1 map west and then 1 map south. (It's the Geffen Guild Base map.) He is standing outside of the castle at the top right.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Red Potion x 1
Not Applicable
Talk to him, he will mention the report that he has to deliver to Ford. But he is in pain and is unable to give the report to you.

Talk to him again and give him a red potion. That will cure his wound so that you can get the report from him.

Deliver the report back to Ford. He will ask you to go to Prontera Church to obtain an antidote to cure Sloutii from Father Arthur.

Shrink - Step 3

Pastor (Father Arthur)

Inside Prontera Church, at a corner near the front stage.
Ingredient(s) Product(s)
Sticky Mucus x 20
Unripe Apple x 1
Jellopy x 5
Grape x 1
Coal x 1
Cyfar x 3
Empty Bottle x 3
Talk to him, give him the items he asks for and let him make the antidote.

Talk to him again to get the newly made antidote (you will not get the physical item).

Now, you have to go bring the antidote back to Sloutii. There is only a 1/5 chance that the antidote can cure him. If it fails, go back to Father Arthur to get another antidote (you will NOT need to collect the items again).

Go back and forth until you can cure Sloutii and he will teach you the skill.

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